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Premium Mod for your RSM-3
I just got the mic today(RSM-2) and it sounds great. I notic ..
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LIMITED EDITION MJE "990 AIR" Cardioid Microphone
Premium Mod for your RSM-3 $329.00
by Slau - Astoria, NY
Well, I finally had a chance to put the modified RSM-3 up against an R-121 and I have to say that there's virtually no difference, at least on guitar cab. The back sides sound almost identical while the front sides are really close. Actually, the R-121 is slightly brighter than the RSM-3 on the front side but a tiny bit of EQ would match them easily.

Haven't tried them on any other sources but, in my experience, guitar cabs more readily show up differences with all the exaggerated frequencies. Drums can sometimes show a few things but not quite as much. I'll bet that they'll sound even closer on other sources.

I gotta say, all things considered, I'd love to own a pair of R-121s for the fact that they come with a lifetime warranty to the original owner and I would have every bit of confidence in their quality right off the shelf. With the RSM-3s, of course, you're kind of shooting in the dark. thing is, with the service that you offer, it's absolutely feasible to go for an RSM-3 (if you can find one, especially an offset version) with the knowledge that, in addition to the xformer swap, a check of the ribbon will yield an absolutely comparable product. Now all I have to do is make sure you're in business for the next 25 years or so. Are you up to it? LOL

Great, great results!


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