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- RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - U87 Alternative
I received the mic (Nady 1050) the other day and put it to a ..
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New MJE-LR44 Long Ribbon Mic
New MJE-LR44 Long Ribbon Mic
- RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - U87 Alternative $499.00 $399.00
by Brian David Willis
Hello Michael,

I wanted to follow up with you now that I\'ve finally had a chance to use these mics a bit. Btw, this is regarding order #11851, for the full MJE mod on two Rode NT1\'s.

First off, your process is incredibly well organized & kept me informed at every step. Secondly, I really appreciate the quick turnaround…. they were scheduled for your bench on March 9th, but were back in my hands a few days before that. Both these things were unexpected and impressive!

... within the last two days I finally got to use them in some critical sessions, during which I also had a well-loved Neumann M269 on hand.

On a male vocalist (country tenor, think Vince Gill range), on whom the M269 is glorious, the NT1-MJE sounded quite good….. then I messed with the mic pre\'s variable input impedance and hit the \"fat\" switch (APA JT-656, class A discrete) which engages a passive \"choke\" with the output transformer & thickens the sound just a bit… and it REALLY came to life! The singer & I agreed that anytime we couldn\'t get the M269 we\'d be delighted to use the NT1-MJE for vocals….. and if need be, we could even punch lines IN on an M269 vocal, and it would be absolutely fine! Stunning, considering the price difference!!

We also did some acoustic guitar recording with a nice Larivee, and the NT1-MJE blew us away again! It, along with a custom-transformer SM57 through a pair of vintage Daking 52270\'s was fantastic! With no effort whatsoever, we had a full, warm low-end (though NOT boomy); a wonderful, clear midrange that stood up to a loud Telecaster; and an articulate, detailed top-end (though not at ALL crispy). The strings were older, so I hit both mics with about 1.5 dB at 3kHz for a little more clarity, and the acoustic sounded completely natural and sat perfectly \"inside\" the band without using EQ to sculpt the low-mids or top end! Amazing!!

The upshot is, I\'m thrilled with the work you did on these mics! They\'ve gone from almost-never-used to being go-to workhorses, and for a very modest price! Thank you for your skill & taste in coming up with this mod!

Best Regards,
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