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- RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - U87 Alternative
I received the Joly Rode mic mod and am very pleased with th ..
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New MJE-384K Single "Roadster" Capsule - for your NT5 mic
- RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - U87 Alternative $499.00 $399.00
by Marc Levine, All Ears Studio, Ukiah, CA
Well, the mic I wanted to put it up against wasn't my remaining NT-1, it was a Neumann TLM-103, the most expensive mic I own, that I bought a few years ago to be my "go-to" vocal and main studio mic.

The TLM-103 hasn't gotten used as much as I thought, because its rising high midrange seems to bring out sibilance and lip smacks, even with a pop screen. In spite of its great detail and accuracy, it can sound clinical and cold, even with my Hamptone tube pre. For some sound sources it's got a beautiful silvery quality, but for the (mainly male)
vocalists I record, including myself, it's not particularly flattering.

I've since been using inexpensive ribbon mics for vocals, especially the Cascade Fathead, with really good results. Of course, not as much resolution or high end as the TLM-103, but much more singer-friendly.

Now, however, your NT-1 mod falls just where I hoped it would, between the two. (I hope you don't mind if I call it the Joly, which is what I call it around the studio to distinguish it from my other NT-1.)

The Joly has all the detail of the TLM-103 without the obtrusive upper mids. Chalk that up to the K47 type capsule, I guess.

When I tried recording my guitar and vocals thru both mics at once (both with the Hamptone pre), the TLM-103 track just wasn't as musical, and vocal imperfections (I've got plenty of those) seemed glaringly obvious.

With the Joly, I found myself ignoring the recording quality (and the vocalist's flaws) and listening to the music, a very good sign! Smoother, warmer, and more musical than the TLM-103, but still with that big, detailed LDC sound.

I had just about given up on LDCs for vocals (after the NT-1s, an AT 4033 which is also excessively bright to my taste, and the TLM-103), and turned to ribbons instead, but the Joly has the potential to be a really great vocal mic.

So I'm very pleased with the results of the conversion.

Thanks again!
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