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- RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - U87 Alternative
You guys weren't kidding! I've had the same 16 bars on loop ..
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New MJE-384K Single "Roadster" Capsule - for your NT5 mic
- RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - U87 Alternative $499.00 $399.00
by Vas Fuller, London
Hi Michael, I've had a chance to have a proper go with the mics and I must say, they are excellent.

I knew they would be great and was already excited to start recording as its been around 7 years since I've actually recorded any material myself. I've usually either mix already recorded material or just help to produce the music but haven't been part of the recording process, as I used to find it pretty tedious.

As I've said before, your thread NT1-A vs U87 was the "answer" as I was working out what I could do with the NT1-A I bought in 2003 but hadn't used music since then. It was what got me out of purgatory and back into the world of recording and I firstly thank you for that. It gave me a new-found appreciation for recording and a new "lust" for gear that I haven't had since I stopped recording.

The modded NT1-A is a lovely warm, vintage sounding mic. Lovely on the mids, great presence. I know people have used those words when describing your MJE-K47 mics but in this case, hearing is believing! For a transformerless non-tubed mic, its got a great warm but articulate sound. Not murky or wooly and not something I've heard on any mic I've used in the past 12 years, esp. not in its price range.

I have to say this again - those mics are seriously excellent. Very impressive mics, if I could only fill my newly purchased mic cabinet with your mics, I'd have a fantastic collection. If anything, I'd be honoured to do so.
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New MJE "Hulk 990" - Hear it vs. U 87ai
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