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Premium Mod for Your Apex 205
Hello Michael and Meryl, I received the modified Apex 205 ..
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Premium Mod for Your Apex 205 $329.00
by Manuel Lopez
Mr. Joly,

I received the Apex 205 mic. I was able to record some vocals tonight. I have some observations.

First let me say that I recently sold my only large ribbon mic, a 1938 RCA 44-BX, it was a bit hard to let it go but I was offered an extraordinary amount of money for it, for me that is ($3,300...)
I was soon missing a ribbon mic to record difficult vocals with, by that I mean harsh, thin, nasal or trumpet like. Hyped condensers don\'t fit the bill in these cases. At that point I decided to go for the 205 mod.

My thoughts on the 44: huge massive low-end, velvet highs with a true \"vintage\" color, un-even frequency response, lots of \"metal grill\" tone in that mic, somewhat prone to distort when close micing at least in the sense that it acquires a \"sandy\" quality. Prone to picking up interference.

My thoughts on the 205 mod: super even frequency response, just ruler-flat and solid. Nice and very smooth high-frequency ribbon tonality that seems to extend into condenser territory somehow, no eq required- neither for low-cut or high shelf boost. Ability to take high SPL and remain clean and incredibly clear. Very detailed and pleasant tone all around, my DW Fearn pre amp was on full gain and the vocal sound was excellent.

Thanks for the great work!

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