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Premium Mod for Your Apex 205
Hey Mike, Just wanted to thank you for modifying my mics ..
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Premium Mod for Your Apex 205 $329.00
by Jon Parsons
I am thrilled with my pair of MJE modded Apex 205 ribbons for vocal and acoustic stringed instrument recording. My previous experience with ribbons (Cascade) was not great for either application, but once I got my hands on an MJE LR-44 I realized how useful a great long ribbon mic could be.

I got the Apex 205 pair to try in a Blumlein configuration for live recording our acoustic trio (guitar, mando, upright, 3 vox). We have a decent sounding little room and the 205 pair in Blumlein gave a really wonderful natural sounding stereo image.

For the sake of comparison we recorded the Blumlein pair alongside a tried and true NT-5 XY pair with MJE-384K caps, and a MJE K47H capsule on a MK-012 on the lead vocal. The XY pair sounded great alone, and even better when the K47H LDC was added for lead vocal support. But the Blumlein 205 pair was a revelation, and with a touch of the K47H lead vox down the middle we had our best sounding live recording ever.

We have been searching for a live recording setup for shooting video that didn’t require a separate mic on every instrument and vocal, with the resulting visual clutter and audio mixing and phase challenges. This 3 mic setup: 2 ribbons (outside the frame) plus an LDC (in the frame) on lead vocal is our solution. We can’t help what we look like, but with this setup we can sound great while we’re at it!

FWIW our trio works 3-4 feet off the pair, and the ribbons needed 60db of gain – not a problem for our Millennia HV3B. We tried a Cloudlifter on the HV3B and that knocked the gain reqd down into the low 40’s, but added some noise and we lost a little of the high-end definition that was so pleasing. We also tried the pair with an AEA RPQ and that was our top pick, a slight improvement over the HV3B. We didn’t try with our cheap onboard interface pre’s but the CL (or something similar) would be required there. For the record, all 3 combos we tried were better than anything we’d done before. Splitting hairs above but that’s just what we do….

I’m a repeat MJE customer. Every mic mentioned above came thru your shop. Everything you’ve touched for us sounds great (LR-44, v250, Hulk, NT1A, K47H, MK-012, TCM1050) and we have found uses for each and every one. They’re used not only to record, but because of the value we even take your LDC and SDC mics out for use at our live shows. We get compliments about our sound all the time from our audiences – and the words we hear most often are clear, open, and natural. Those are words we love to hear. And these people have never read a mic marketing blurb or a GS forum post. They come up with those words all by themselves!

On top of all the great gear, thanks for your insightful advice in our correspondence and you and your staff\'s legendary MJE customer service.
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