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Premium Mod for Your Apex 205
I am thrilled with my pair of MJE modded Apex 205 ribbons fo ..
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New MJE-LR44 Long Ribbon Mic
New MJE-LR44 Long Ribbon Mic
Premium Mod for Your Apex 205 $329.00
by Andres Uetz
Dear Mr. Joly,

i hope this finds you splendid!

Recently my sister Kerstin Billberg ordered the second mic from you on my behalf (she's better with the credit card thing) - the first having been the Octava 319 mod, which i like very much and hope to explore in more depth when i get my hands on a really good mic preamp. Many belated thanks for that punchy yet lovely microphone!

Today - was like Xmas but better... it was the first day i don't miss my 'old' 80's AKG 414 that died a dozen or so years back... the postman only rang once but i was ready-as-can-be cause i knew maybe today...
and here it IS, your sparkling modded Apex 205 ribbon! At first i took it to my music room where i had recently dug up the old Tascam 488 cassette portastudio (which with the Octava 319 provided the first part of recent 'audio-satoris' - OMG there's that fat warm AKG sound again, i always remembered the sound when i first plugged it into the 488 and later into a Tascam reel machine... - and wondered why i never found anything like it in the digital realm hi ho - - -

so here we go Joly-Apex into Tascam 488, a good foot away from my darling Kay-2 deluxe guitar and me and lo and behold this is unlike anything ever, something like a Rolls Royce with a Ferrari motor and Robert Johnson and Hank Williams in the back, just put in any gear and go...wow wow wow i could feel that wind blowing and the earth rototo-tating... lean a bit forward and get the smoothest biggest low registers, back up a bit and belt raunchy punchy, lift head a little and find those sweet fine highs and all those ranges and frequencies playing together in total dynamic harmony... sorry i'm a total fool at technicalities, as with wine can only say i like it - in short, this microphone is just nothing short of sublimely wonderful (instant realization why one person on gearslutz called it the biggest warmest mic he ever had) and Lord if i could get that tape sound without the 30 % noise part... i enjoyed it insanely and at some point started jodelling Joly Joly Joly Jolyyyy please don't take that ribbon mic from me... there are some guitars that play themselves and this is a mic that sings itself - pure gold.

back to my mum's place where i have a rme babyface and an old laptop and ableton, and even though i generally seem to find digital very dull compared to analog, it still sounds just BEAUTIFUL and deep and by far the best of the mics i have tried to record with in this way (Rode K2, Brauner Panthera) - as someone who loves to record mainly acc guitar and vox singer-songwriter stuff with one mic only (lazy may play a part in that), your Apex mic (i call it yours because via the net i've learned a bit how huge a difference tuning and all the things you do make) is a dream come true at long strange and wondrous last... didn't have a guitar here so i just sang some mantras going a bit low and high etc to get a feel, and send you here an mp3 of this very first 'digital trial run' - Joly-Apex into rme babyface nearly full gain into ableton, afterwards added a bit of reverb, no other processing, eq, compressing etc -it's not very loud and you can hear the laptop and my mother playing two rooms down the hall with two slightly-out-of-tune flutes - another testament to its sensitivity... and anyway you're probaby the last one to need convincing of its virtues so i just send it to say how happy and grateful i am, along with two pics of this ribbon grail that arrived fast and fabulously packed (yeah man!!), you can see the laptop standing on your parcel...


... and please keep up the good work... one of my first thoughts when i heard it was, i gotta order another one in case this one ever dies! meanwhile i see you have your own ribbon and so...
no worries and a happy audio camper.

Many many thanks and all good wishes to you -

andy (andreas uetz)

ps, sweetly ironic that about half a year ago i realized i had missed out entirely on ribbon mics and felt this could be the missing link, yet the only one i was able to test was a Beyer and sounded plain dead to me and someone told me no for what you want you need a tube and i've been waiting on the next generation of Blackspade mics to come out, the UM 17r i'm interested in that M49 feel (that would probably be my favorite tube) and in the UM 25c the sweetness of the Elam 251 - and i'm still very curious but now they'll have to compare to this ribbon wherein i found so much beautiful bass and mids and highs... let's see, and hear -

pps, soon i should be getting a real nice mic preamp-eq-compressor (retro powerstrip) from a friend and that's kind of my last hope to get an 'analog' sound recording into digital, otherwise i don't know.. back to reel machine? any thoughts on best recording this sublime mic are much appreciated! Merci et bonne voyage!
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New MJE-LR44 Long Ribbon Mic
New MJE-LR44 Long Ribbon Mic
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