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MK-219 Mod (for your mic) - Hear it vs. U 67
>I have had several instances to put my newly modded pair of ..
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LIMITED EDITION MJE "990 AIR" Cardioid Microphone
LIMITED EDITION MJE "990 AIR" Cardioid Microphone
MK-219 Mod (for your mic) - Hear it vs. U 67 $499.00 $449.00
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by Paul Costanzo
Michael, For years, whenever I\'d go into a studio and used the U 67, I figured there was no oth..
by Ross Gower
Hey Mike - Just wanted to drop you a line to pass along my appreciation for your fantastic mic mo..
by Anthony Nielsen
I have actually had the modded 219 for a couple of years and have not left a review, but the last re..
by rob schnapf
Michael sent me the modded 219 with elctronics upgrade and joly K47 diaphragm. It has been dominati..
by Dmitri Bandet
My pair of MK-219\'s came in a few days ago and and after testing them on a few vocalists, I\'m elat..
by Stuart Pearson
I\'ve had Mike\'s MK219 premium mod for several years. It\'s always been ridiculously great on femal..
by Tom Heys, Santa Monica, CA
Huge props for your work on my MK-219. I've used it on lots of different sources (acoustic/electric..
by Brad Craig, Brooklyn, NY
WOW! Pretty keen improvement -like a door was shut on the mic, that's now been opened. Recorded sou..
by Todd Reynolds, IL
>I have had several instances to put my newly modded pair of MK-219's to proper use on upright pian..
by Douglas Townsend
This mod has made it a go to mic and I would put it up against anything in my case..and I have a nic..
by Geoffrey Welchman, Baltimore, MD
I'm afraid I don't have a gushing quote to post on your website....I can say there's a definite impr..
by Adam Lasus, LA
Using the 219 with Premium upgrade you just sent me on nylon string guitar. I sounds amazing super o..
by Mark Duhamel
My ears appreciate some significant change in the timbre and tone of these mics. I'm not sure I can ..
by Halle Winkler, Germany
I'm completely delighted with my MK-219 -- a big thanks to both of you for a great mic and a great c..
by Jason Gloria, Florida
This mic is unreal. Everybody is blown away. My vocals have never sounded better. Thanks so much!..
by Matt Robertson, U.K.
The mic is great! I'm very happy with it. I have used it mainly for vocals and some guitar stuff, an..
Mike, The MK-219 arrived today, we used it in conjunction with an Avalon M-5 (M-5 All Solid State..
by James Ritts, CA
We're very happy with the mod. The improvement is huge and just as advertised. Thanks again for th..
by John Niffenegger,NC
I'm very happy with the mod. I've recorded some scratch vox and acoustic guitar with it, and was ve..
by Simon Baughen, UK
I now have had the mike for just over a week and am really pleased with it. A class act on vocals..
by Simon Baughen, UK
I now have had the mike for just over a week and am really pleased with it. A class act on vocals..
by John Hruska, Michigan
Thank you very much, the mod was worth every penny. I cannot believe the performance I am getti..
by John Niffenegger
Thanks for an excellent and timely job on the MK-219 premium mod. So far, I\'ve had a chance to use ..
by Steve Connelly - Zen Recording
I used it as a room drum mic and a mandolin track >> combined with a royer 121-frickin beautiful. ..
by Mark Antonides
I want to let you know that I am extremely happy with the refurbished MK-219 I recently purchased f..
by Aman Asahi
The mod is amazing. I usec it this weekend on vocals and we picked the Mk219 over the Gefell M990. ..
by Jake Posner
I had the chance to use your modded 219 as a drum room mic on Wednesday and it sounded really great...
by Rod Ferguson
The stand-out thing for me is the smooth mid range ....absolutely lushious. I recorded the MK21..
by Wade Alin
Oh, it's great! I've been so busy using it - it's like having a 1k+ mic all of a sudden . .
by Kevin Moss
Received both microphones in tip top shape. All I can say is WOW! You were right, the 219 does s..
by Joe Ravenscroft
I have been Loving these mics! I'm telling my friends and getting them over to hear 'em! I know ..
by Tony Tomlinson - The Fremonts
Yeah, it's great man. We tracked some stuff last week with it. I used as a mono overhead. We're n..
by Robert Mallory
The 219 is excellent, absolutely excellent. I would say a great surprise, but I did expect great..
by Martin G. Lewis - Keyport, NY
I really can't believe that this is the same mic that I sent. The modification is amazing, the s..
by Mike Maines, Arkain Records
The mods are working out great. I always liked the 219 on snare, but its even better more solid..
by Paul Oldham Rove Studio
I will say that it is definitely treating me right. Aside from looking fantastic with its new grill..
by Mark Maxwell - Los Angeles, CA
I had a nice opportunity to try it out "in the real world" on the great saxophonist Azar Lawrence. ..
by Octavio Padilla - BOSS District Sales Manager
I have been using my 219's a whole lot and all I can say is that I LOVE THEM!! They have now beco..
by Scott Slagle - Matthews, NC
I finally have been able to really use the 219's. It sounded absolutely fantastic! I used it on ..
by Robert Smith, Sugarbox Studios, NY
Sounds fantastic! Really great. Just what I was hoping for. On Sunday I used it for a mono drum o..
by Tushar Prakash - Film Maker & Studio Coordinator, \'Rehearsal Ro
We are now the proud owners of the first OktavaMod MK 219 PE x/y matched pair in this part of the wo..
by Brad McGowan, Little Red Wagon Studios, Palo Alto, CA
Overall your mod made a huge improvement in the sound of the mic. It sounded like a veil had been..
by Ken Herbst - San Antonio, TX
Another round of kudos for Michael Joly and what he did for a pair of 219s I sent him. Terrific ..
by Jon Mattox, Bright Orange Studios - Los Angeles, CA
The modified Oktavas sound incredible. I was blown away first by the low noise floor and then of..
by Bradley Caselden - Savage Studios, Yucaipa, CA
I got to say great job! They look awesome and they sound great! Love that midrange they seem to h..
by Ray Hankinson - Philadelphia
Unbelievable... I recorded some tracks right before shipping them and compared them today. I trie..
by Steve Brown, Manchester, UK
Used the 219s straight off as drum OH lush full sound really beautiful. Used 1 of the 101s as par..
by Matt Reckinger - Vancouver, WA
"...I did run the mics against previously recorded tracks. I can surely hear the improvements in ..
by Christian Anzalone - Brooklyn, NY
I was able to (finally!!) put it (MK-219 PE) through some serious paces this last weekend and I am a..
by Barry Witt, Murrieta, CA
First of all, the mics are a lot quieter in comparison to before the upgrades. Second of all, the fr..
by Joe Giangrasso - High 5 Productions, E. Patchogue, NY
I was really skeptical about a mike that wasn't in the high end price range. We use an assortmen..
by Mike Lenz -Suffield, OH
The 219s sound great with your mods! I liked them before as good inexpensive mics, but with your..
by Dominic Pesce - San Diego, CA
What can I say about those 2 MK-219's you modded for me? There is such a huge difference in what ..
by Nicolas Vernhes - Rare Book Room Studio, Brooklyn, NY.
holy crap! First on drums (70\'s ludwig); one 4 feet in front of the kit, chest height, the other..
by Koji Mabuchi - Mohegan Lake, NY
I am amazed at how good this mic sounds. I just did some casual testing of it against the other soli..
by Jeffrey Sanders - Fairhaven, MA
You said this was going to remind me of my SM7 "on steroids" and I don't know man...this is, for my ..
by Isaac Hedinger - Fort Smith, AZ
The mics are glorious! Great on so many different sources; piano, overheads, vocals, congas, acousti..
by George Balogi - Prospect Hts., IL
My 219s sound great. They went from unusable to a great all-around mic. I think its strong poi..
Displaying 1 to 58 (of 58 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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Professional Mod Service for your MXL 990. Not a kit, no risk.
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