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- RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - U87 Alternative
Just got the modified nt1a back and they sound wonderful. Th ..
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- RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - U87 Alternative
- RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - U87 Alternative
- RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - U87 Alternative $499.00 $399.00
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by Don Wigton
I received the Joly Rode mic mod and am very pleased with the results! I had been using a friend..
by Steven Cummings
Michael, First, I want to say the mod on my NT1-a is stellar! ... Great service so far, and again..
by Manpreet Bains
Michael, hands down, the MJE-K47 is so much better than the stock Rode NT1-A capsule! I appreciate y..
by Brian David Willis
Hello Michael, I wanted to follow up with you now that I\'ve finally had a chance to use these mi..
by Ben Roustaing
Hi Michael, I just wanted say how fantastic the Rode NT1 mod is! I\'ve tracked both male and f..
by Harry Lamont
Just got the modified nt1a back and they sound wonderful. The stock mics were on the piano. It was t..
by Alun George
Sent my Rodes from UK a month ago, after reading reviews - I\'m aa bedroom electronic/vocal composer..
by Riscardo Bonilla
Hey Michael i\'m so sorry I took so long, but I must say thank you so much. This outstanding perform..
by abraham marder
I needed another option in my studio and had an old NT1A laying around not getting used. I sent it i..
by Martin Astry
Hi, Wanted you to know I got the mic. Your customer service is top notch. Regarding the mic, I..
by KoKayn Rey
Mike... man listen, you really have something special here. I honestly think your mics should be rat..
by Matthew Baron
Overall I\'m very happy with the NT1a mod from Michael. It has a much better headroom level and the ..
by john chatmon
Just got my Rode NT1000, and all I can say is wow. Compared this to my Blue Bluebird mic and was com..
by Jonathan Black
Just got my NT2 original back from Michael , Absolutely amazing , I have never heard my acoustic..
by Rob Bursmith
I had a batch of mics (Rode NT2, (2)Apex 215\'s, MK-219 and a pair of MK-012\'s) modded after readin..
by Drew Carroll
My NT1a went from sitting in the closet to being a workhorse. Goodbye sibilant top-end, hello detail..
by Gareth Evans
Well worth the money. Even having it shipped from the UK this is still a much cheaper option tha..
by Eric Strobel, Pratt, Kansas
I couldn't be more pleased with your mod on my Rode NT1A. The sound quality is a night and day ..
by Marc Levine, All Ears Studio, Ukiah, CA
Well, the mic I wanted to put it up against wasn't my remaining NT-1, it was a Neumann TLM-103, the ..
by Brett Christie, Grand Rapids, Michigan
The mic is awesome. I\'ve just had the chance to do some sample recordings and it\'s great. Thanks..
by Kevin O'Leary, Paris, France
I am pleased with all of them (i might even get another naddy in a while, when the budget allows it!..
by Gerald O'Neil
Last weekend I did a mic shootout with my Oktavamod NT1, Rode NTK, Audio Technica 4033, and my frien..
by Carlo Frese
The Rode NT1 mod is amazing. The difference is absolutely astounding for the price. Figured this ..
by Devin Barroga
This is a review of my newly modded Rode NT2a. First off, I\'d like to thank Michael for the ama..
by William Martell
My NT1A is being used to mic an acoustic bass guitar that is being featured in a recording project. ..
by Ben Nixon
I received my modified NT1a mic a couple weeks ago and finally got to put it to the test on a set of..
by Allen Burkett, Michigan
The Rode NT1A and Nady 1050 mods are simply incredible. I had a couple AES friends over when they ..
by Ehsan Karam, St.Paul MN
You guys weren't kidding! I've had the same 16 bars on loop for like 3 hours now and I'm still just ..
by Chris Prucher
Thank you, I am enjoying recording with the MJ mod NT1A. One word "Smooooooooooooooth". Thanks!
by Vas Fuller, London
Hi Michael, I've had a chance to have a proper go with the mics and I must say, they are excellent. ..
by John DeGrazio, NJ
I must tell you that after putting it through just some initial paces, I am in disbelief at how fant..
by Sam Price, Australia
I am enjoying my Rode NT1000 mod you did - the new capsule sounds just like you said; much more focu..
by Peter Ratner, Anchorage, AK
I just have to write you this letter. I tried my modded Rode NT1a on my recent session and it was in..
by Josh Golden, Westbury, NY
Really REALLY REALLY like the MJE-K47 capsule in my Rode 1000. Broad and detailed lower registe..
by David McClean, Northern Ireland
It is truly awesome! It now has a beautiful mid range sound and less top end - exactly as promised...
by Gregory Galfo, Producer - Anvil Records
I received my Rode Nt1a back from the mod and am absolutely stunned by the results! PLEASE tell Mic..
by Roehl Pagala, San Jose, CA
I received the mic (Nady 1050) the other day and put it to a male vocalist test, wowww!!!!!! Thats a..
Displaying 1 to 37 (of 37 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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