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MK-219 Mod (for your mic) - Hear it vs. U 67
My ears appreciate some significant change in the timbre and ..
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New MJE-LR44 Long Ribbon Mic
MK-219 Mod (for your mic) - Hear it vs. U 67 $499.00 $449.00

The Latest MK-219 from Michael Joly Engineering
Lower cost, better-than-new sound

  • Classic Oktava LDC capsule delivers legendary mid-punch and sibilance-free top
  • New capsule base diffuser dispels standing wave coloration
  • Capsule isolation system eliminates "body boink"
  • New single-layer headbasket eliminates audible reflection artifacts for open, natural sound
  • Low noise, field-proven Premium Electronics upgrade
  • Elegant, low parts count, single-transistor / transformer topology

    Michael Joly Engineering "nU-219"

    Listen for yourself, here's the proof -
    Hear the "nu-219" in action against the legendary U 67.

    There are four paired sound files below. The left-hand file is the U 67, the right-hand file is its nU-219 pairing. In all cases, the recordings were made with both mics live, mics positioned vertically in headbasket-to-headbasket orientation, Daking 500 series preamps for both channels. Vocal distance apx 10", guitar distance apx 18". This is Michael Joly writing. Listen and read more to learn if the nU-219 is right for you. Then place an order or click "contact me" to send your questions.

    Btw - The U 67 (about $8200 used) topology is based around the Neumann K67 capsule followed by HF de-emphasis in a tube / transformer-coupled circuit. NOTE: As a FET / tranformer-coupled mic, the nU-219 is not a U 67 clone. Rather, I have chosen this classic mic as a reference standard to showcase the qualities of the nU-219.

    SOUND FILE: Female Vocal, U 67 | SOUND FILE: Female Vocal, MJE nU-219

    SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, loud, U 67 | SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, loud, MJE nU-219

    SOUND FILE: Acoustic Gtr, finger style, U 67 | SOUND FILE: Acoustic Gtr, finger style, MJE nU-219

    SOUND FILE: Acoustic Gtr, strummed, U 67 | SOUND FILE: Acoustic Gtr, strummed, MJE nU-219

    There's only one way to get the results heard here - an Oktava microphone modification from Michael Joly Engineering.

    OktavaMod rivals a $8200 Neumann U 67 - how?

    Well, a great-sounding capsule installed in a modified headbasket feeds a classic FET / transformer-coupled circuit upgraded with best-available parts. Here's the the full story...

    ...in the 1980's, the same city that spawned Tolstoy, the Kalashnikov AK-47, ornate tea samovars and irresistible "pryaniki" (spice cookies) produced a coffin-shaped microphone that stunned the pro audio world - the Oktava MK-219. Designed and manufactured in Tula, Russia by true microphone artisans, the MK-219 set a price / performance standard for professional studio microphones unequaled to this day.

    Now, Michael Joly Engineering upgrades the MK-219 with twelve modifications that elevate your microphone from good to great.

    This is Michael Joly writing, OktavaMod founder. If you think I'm pretty exuberant about the MK-219 you're right. Want vintage sound? Your stock MK-219 has the potential to sound like it was time-shifted forward from the '60s to the present. You're invited to contact me directly to discuss your mic needs and discover if a modified MK-219 is right for you.

    Stylistically reminiscent of the late '60's Oktava MK-13 tube mic, the MK-219 was formally brought to the West in 1994 with a list price of $550 (The equivalent of $780 today). It was considered a great bargain at the time - the MK-219 was one-third the cost of the lowest priced Neumann LDC mic then available (the TLM-193). Even in its stock condition it gave that Neumann a run for its money.

    80 Years of Quality and Value

    Oktava has been designing and building microphones in Tula, Russia for 80 years. By offering fine sound at low prices, the MK-219 and MK-319 went on to become two of the most popular large diaphragm condenser mics in the world with over 75,000 units sold.

    The Michael Joly Engineering mod service for your MK-219 consists of a dozen electrical and mechanical improvements. What do you get? Nothing less than more open & less veiled sound, improved transient response, extended bass and treble, increased midrange detail, smoother high end response, reduced self-noise and eliminated body "boink".

    You'll have a microphone with a natural top end that stacks tracks like a champ. With its classic low-parts-count circuit and transformer output you'll record hit-quality vocals, acoustic guitar, amp cabinets, drum overheads, room ambience, horns and more.

    What's a PE upgrade?

    My Premium Electronics upgrade modifies the circuit topology and replaces 100% of the PC board components (transformer excluded - its terrific) with best-in-class components that required years of bench and listening tests to identify. These include Black Gate and other specialty Mylar, Silver Mica and polypropylene capacitors, low-noise metal film resistors and a modern, lower-noise, faster transient performance version of the same FET type used in the original Neumann FET microphones.

    You'll hear highly detailed sound free from noise and top end edginess.

    Each FET is personally auditioned for best sound and lowest noise twice - once during installation (after biasing for minimum distortion using a real time spectrum analyzer), then again after a three-day burn in period.

    When your limited-edition microphone emerges from this hand-crafted remanufacturing you'll win shootouts against some of the best and classic workhorse mics found in studios today.

    Easy To Order a Handcrafted Mic

    Click "Add to Cart" to purchase the MK-219 PE mod service for your mic. NO DIY RISK! We do the professional mod work in our shop. You'll get an immediate confirmation email. By the close of the next business day you'll receive a personal email with your scheduled shop modification and return shipment dates. Questions? Just click "Contact Me" - best, Michael

    Hear the new MJE-384K capsule upgrade for the RODE NT5 vs the Schoeps CMC6 and Neumann KM 184

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