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New MJE "Hulk 990" - Hear it vs. U 87ai
Got everything really quick! Thanks Michael! It is definitel ..
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- RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - U87 Alternative
- RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - U87 Alternative
New MJE "Hulk 990" - Hear it vs. U 87ai $519.00 $429.00

  • Very low noise (10 dBa post mod), MJE Premium Electronics transformerless circuit
  • 3 micron MJE-K47 capsule for "Neumann-esque" sound with extended, sibilance-free top
  • New angled, single-layer headbasket for greater clarity and lower coloration
  • "MJ" badge and "Michael Joly Engineering" branding
  • Shock mount and plastic storage case included

    Michael Joly Engineering "Hulk 990" with single-layer headbasket & 3 micron diaphragm MJE-K47 capsule

    SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, U 87ai
    SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, MJE Mod'd MXL 990

    SOUND FILE: Ac Gtr Fingerstyle, U 87ai
    SOUND FILE: Ac Gtr Fingerstyle, MJE Mod'd MXL 990

    SOUND FILE: Ac Gtr Strummed, U 87ai
    SOUND FILE: Ac Gtr Strummed, MJE Mod'd MXL 990

    SOUND FILE: Female Vocal, U 87ai
    SOUND FILE: Female Vocal, MJE Mod'd MXL 990

    MJE "Hulk 990" vs. U87ai shootout conducted at Shoestring Studio in Belchertown, MA.
    Engineers: Max Cohen and Rusty Annis
    Guitar: Max Cohen on his Larrivee OM-03
    Female Vocalist: Molly Hebert Wilson
    Male Vocalist: Max Cohen
    Preamps: Daking Mic Pre One 500's

    This is Michael Joly writing. Read on and find out if a new, "Hulk 990" is right for you. Then either place an order or click "contact me" and send me your questions.

    Single Layer Headbasket Mod -

    Like all Michael Joly Engineering microphone upgrades, the MJE-K47 mod suite for the MXL 990 starts with my signature single layer headbasket. A completely new headbasket replaces the stock, multi-layer basket to dramatically increase open area to reduce internal reflections and coloration. You’ll hear clearer, less “boxy” and more detailed sound with more accurate transient response – hallmarks of the classic AKG C12 – itself a single layer headbasket design.

    MJE-K47 Capsule Upgrade -

    Classic sound – plus, is within reach. The 3 micron MJE-K47 capsule was designed to track an actual Neumann K47 capsule through the important midrange then provide an extra touch of “air” at the very top end. You’ll hear the classic mid-focused vocal punch of the K47 design with just a bit of modern sheen on top. When this frequency response extension is translated to the time domain, you'll hear faster and more accurate transient response as well. Faster, more accurate transient response means greater detail and resolution – without the need for a high frequency EQ boost and its accompanying phase shift. Also, replacing the stock small diaphragm capsule with the more sensitive MJE-K47 large diaphragm capsule improves this mic's S/N ratio as well.

    Michael Joly Engineering Modified MXL 990 with MJE-K47 Capsule (red) vs. U 87ai (black)

    Note extended high frequency "air" provided by the 3 micron diaphragm MJE-K47 capsule

    Premium Electronics Modification -

    The circuit used in the MXL 990 is a close approximation of a classic Schoeps transformerless design. But to save on production costs in the stock mics, inexpensive poor-sounding ceramic and under-sized capacitors are used in critical signal path locations. The MJE-K47 Mod Suite attacks these compromises by substituting components and topology pioneered in my field proven (over 6500 units in use) Premium Electronics modification. These component upgrades improve bass response and reduce graininess and mid-to-high frequency distortion while providing a smoother top end sound.

    Easy to Order -

    Click "Add to Cart" to purchase a new "Hulk 990" with MJE-K47 Mod Suite. You'll get an immediate confirmation email of your order. Questions? Just click "Contact Me" - best, Michael

    Hear the new MJE-384K capsule upgrade for the RODE NT5 vs the Schoeps CMC6 and Neumann KM 184

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