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Professional Mod Service for your MXL 990. Not a kit, no risk.
Professional Mod Service for your MXL 990. Not a kit, no risk.
MK-319 Classic PE Modification Service for your mic. $379.00

Professional Mod Service. Not a kit. NO DIY RISK!

Welcome Tape Op'ers –– enter discount code: TAPEOP299 at checkout for special, limited-time $299 sale price.

  • Field proven MJE Premium Electronics suite offers lowered noise floor and detail enhancement
  • MJE capsule mod maintains punchy midrange and sibilance-free top while improving transient response
  • MJE capsule base diffusor reduces standing wave coloration and "boink" resonance
  • MJE signature single layer headbasket conversion provides more open, clearer and more detailed sound
  • Classsic-sounding, low parts count, single-FET / transformer-coupled topology

    Michael Joly Engineering MK-319 Classic PE modification for your mic
    Photo background: Low tide at Barnstable Harbor on Cape Cod near the MJE shop.
    Barnstable Harbor can see a 12 foot vertical range between high and low tide!

    You may want a legendary Neumann U 67
    but you don't need one, here's the proof -


    Hear the MJE MK-319 Classic PE mod in action against the U 67.

    Session details: The recordings were made with both mics live in a single take. Mics positioned vertically in headbasket-to-headbasket orientation, Daking 500 series preamps for both channels. Vocal distance apx 10", guitar distance apx 18". This is Michael Joly writing. Use your own ears, just listen, then place an order.

    Female Vocal, U 67 vs Female Vocal, MJE MK-319 Classic PE

    Male Vocal, U 67 vs Male Vocal, MJE MK-319 Classic PE

    Male Vocal, loud, U 67 vs Male Vocal, loud, MJE MK-319 Classic PE

    Acoustic Gtr, finger style, U 67 vs Acoustic Gtr, finger style, MJE MK-319 Classic PE

    Acoustic Gtr, strummed, U 67 vs Acoustic Gtr, strummed, MJE MK-319 Classic PE

    MJE Premium Electronics (PE)

    The Michael Joly Engineering Premium Electronics upgrade features a great-sounding, low noise Field Effect Transistor (FET) impedance converter or "front end". The FET I've selected for this application has fast transient response and impressively low self-noise - the already low self-noise centered at 150Hz actually declines another 15dB in the critical 2kHz-4kHz band where we are most sensitive to noise. Recordings made with your MJE MK-319 Classic PE mic will have great clarity, definition and reach without the noise-based graininess, sibilance or shrillness that plagues many LDC microphones.

    This suite of upgrades includes all the other signature Michael Joly Engineering innovations: single layer headbasket conversion, capsule isolation-diffusion mounting for "bonk reduction" and reduced vertical standing wave interference, capsule resonator modification for clearer high end, field-proven MJE Premium Electronics mods and elimination of low cut and roll-off circuits to eliminate stray capacitance losses that rob HF detail and transient response. NOTE: As has been my practice for over 15 years, the high pass and 10dB pad circuits are bypassed to shorten signal path and improve transient response and high frequency response. The switches are inactive.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is this a complete modified mic I'm buying?
    A: NO. THIS IS A RISK-FREE MODIFICATION SERVICE TO A MIC YOU SEND TO US. The picture shows a typical MJE MK-319 Classic PE built from a user-supplied mic.

    Q: Is this a Neumann U 67 clone??
    A: NO. The U 67 (about $8000 used) uses the Neumann K67 capsule followed by HF de-emphasis in a tube / transformer-coupled circuit. The MJE Classic PE mod for the Oktava MK-319 is a FET / transformer-coupled mic and is not a U 67 clone. I chose the U 67 as a reference standard to showcase the similar qualities of the MJE Classic PE mods for your MK-319.

    "Michael Joly has quickly gained a reputation for ironing the wrinkles out of (an) inexpensive microphone, at a "Bang-for-the-buck" price most of us can easily afford...I was blown away by the exponential difference in quality"

    Andrew R. DeLapp, Tape Op Magazine, May / June 2007

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