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MJE-K47H Capsule Head plus MK-012-01
Hey MJ - Just got the K47H capsule head with MK-012 body ..
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MJE "Hulk 990" Microphone set - Hear it vs. U 87ai
MJE "Hulk 990" Microphone set - Hear it vs. U 87ai
MJE-K47H Capsule Head plus MK-012-01 $999.00 $749.00

Three Years in Development
The mic system from MJE that gives the U 67 / KM 84 combo a serious challenge! Listen for yourself.

  • 6 micron MJE-K47 capsule for classic mid-focused, "Neumann-esque" presence and sibilance-free top
  • Conical capsule base diffuser dispels standing wave coloration
  • Angled, single-layer headbasket eliminates audible reflection artifacts for open, natural sound
  • Simple screw-on attachment converts industry-standard Oktava MK-012 SDC to a world-class K47-type LDC mic
  • NOS (new old stock), Premium Electronics mod'd MK-012-01 with cardioid SDC capsule
  • 10 dB pad, mic stand adapter

    Michael Joly Engineering MJE-K47H Capsule Head with Oktava MK-012-01

    Listen for yourself, here are the U 67 reference files -
    Hear what the new MJE-K47H capsule head with MK-012-01 body can do for you (and see the graph below for more proof).

    There are six paired sound files below. The left-hand file is a classic mic - either U 67 or Gefell M71, the right-hand file is its MJE-K47H pairing. In all cases, the recordings were made with both mics live, mics positioned vertically in headbasket-to-headbasket orientation, Daking 500 series preamps for both channels. Vocal distance apx 10", guitar distance apx 18". This is Michael Joly writing. Listen and read more to learn if a new MJE-K47H / MK-012-01 set is right for you. Then place an order or click "contact me" to send your questions.

    Btw - The Gefell UM71 (about $1400 used) is a classic, out-of-production Gefell mic that uses the historic M7 capsule to drive a FET / transformer-coupled circuit. The U 67 (about $8000 used) of course, uses the Neumann K67 capsule (followed by HF de-emphasis) in a tube / transformer-coupled circuit. NOTE: The MJE-K47H is not a U 67 or Gefell M71 clone. Rather, I have chosen these two classic mics as reference standards to showcase the qualities of the MJE-K47H.

    SOUND FILE: Female Vocal, U 67 | SOUND FILE: Female Vocal, MJE-K47H

    SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, U 67 | SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, MJE-K47H

    SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, loud, U 67 | SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, loud, MJE-K47H

    SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, Gefell UM71 | SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, MJE-K47H

    SOUND FILE: Acoustic Gtr, strummed, Gefell UM71 | SOUND FILE: Acoustic Gtr,strummed, MJE-K47H

    SOUND FILE: Acoustic Gtr, finger style, Gefell UM71 | SOUND FILE: Acoustic Gtr, finger style, MJE-K47H

    MJE-K47H Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is this a complete microphone set?
    A: Yes. The MJE-K47H is a large diaphragm “capsule head” that screws onto the included Oktava MK-012 body. The user simply selects either the K47H LDC or MK-012 SDC and gets to work cutting world-class vocal or instrument tracks!

    Q: Does the K47H also fit the MXL 603 type mics or BLUE bayonet mics?
    A: No. The MJE-K47H was designed to fit only the MK-012 body.

    Q: What is the frequency response?
    A: The MJE-K47H / MK-012 tracks the classic U 67 quite closely as shown here.

    Q: How does the MJE-K47H compare to the “LOMO” RTT M1 / M3 capsule head?
    A: There are some significant differences between my MJE-K47H and the LOMO M1 and M3 capsule heads. They are...

    .... the MJE-K47H has a smallish and angled headbasket (like the Gefell UM70/71) but uses an MJE signature feature - a single-layer basket mesh (like the old AKG C12) and thus has very low internal reflection coloration. The capsule is my own 6 micron diaphragm K47 type (same capsule design as found in the U 47 and M49 mics). The M1 / M3, on the other hand, uses a flat-face, multi-layer basket (more HF reflection coloration) and K67-type capsule (typical +7dB @ 7kHz response when driving the flat-response MK-012 body).

    In addition, my MJE-K47H has a far more secure mounting system. The MK-012 body screws onto the MJE-K47H well inside the conical portion of the K47H. As a result, the electro-mechanical connection between the two parts is very secure. The M1 / M3 and MK-102 capsule heads sit on top of the MK-012 body and are more susceptible to breakage at that capsule head / body joint.

    The K47H is more open and detailed; less colored and peaked; and more physically stable than any capsule head product on the market. And, as the sound files demonstrate, the MJE-K47H is a great value.

    Q: When will the MJE-K47H with MK-012-01 be available?
    A: The MJE-K47H is in production now. The MK-012-01 sets have been shipped from Russia and will be modified upon arrival at my shop on Cape Cod. I'm taking orders now. I will start shipping 21 January 2013. After the first "pre-shipment" / reduced price orders are filled, shipment to end users will occur 1-2 business days after an order (at the normal, higher price) is received.

    Q: How long will the special introductory price last?
    A. At least until 21 January 2013. The introductory price is an incentive - a way to say “thanks for ordering now and thanks your patience while waiting to take delivery". Normal pricing will follow once I start shipping from stock on the shelf.

    Q: Can you hold a set for me, or take a down payment?
    A: No. We do not have systems in place to track partial payment orders. Payment is due in full at the time of order. Check out from my shop is via PayPal were you can also use a credit or debit account as well.

    Q: Will the MJE-K47H be available in black?
    A: Yes. But not for 6 months probably and I do not not know at what price, as the black anodized finish incurs extra expense.

    About the Oktava MK-012-01 Cardioid SDC Mic

    Listen to the Michael Joly Engineering Premium Electronics Mod'd MK-012 SDC vs. the classic Neumann KM 84:
    Acoustic Guitar: Neumann KM 84 vs. OktavaMod'd MK-012

    In the clip above, Grammy-winning engineer Bill Pearson cuts back and forth between the legendary KM 84 and my mod'd MK-012. There are thirteen edits in this clip. The mics are so similar the clip sounds like it was recorded with one mic only!

    MJE-K47H vs. Neumann U 67 Graph:

    Michael Joly Engineering MJE-K47H (red) vs. Neumann U 67(black)

    NOTE: This averaged-over-time graph compares the "Male Vocal, loud" - sound files listed above
    It is a relative comparison of the MJE-K47H / MK-012 set to the U 67 with the same voice, from the same take

    Easy to Order -

    Click "Add to Cart" to purchase a new MJE-K47H capsule head with MK-012-01 set. The K47H / MK-012-01 ships in paper-board box with foam insert. Each insert has been molded to hold the K47H capsule head, MK-012 body, 10dB pad, mic stand clip and up to three MK-012 SDC capsules (NOTE: Only a single MK-012 cardioid SDC capsule is included at this price.

    You'll get an immediate confirmation email of your order. Questions? Just click "Contact Me" - best, Michael

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