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MJE-K47H Capsule Head (no body). Hear it vs U 67.
It looks like Michael has another super product that we all ..
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New MJE-384 Matched Cardioid SDC Pair
New MJE-384 Matched Cardioid SDC Pair
MJE-K47H Capsule Head (no body). Hear it vs U 67. $499.00 $379.00

Three Years in Development
A FET / transformer-less alternative to the U 67? Listen....

  • 6 micron MJE-K47 capsule for classic "U 67-ish" presence and sibilance-free top
  • Conical capsule base diffuser dispels standing wave coloration
  • Angled, single-layer headbasket eliminates reflection artifacts for open, natural sound
  • Simply screw-on to industry-standard Oktava MK-012 SDC

    Michael Joly Engineering MJE-K47H Capsule Head for the Oktava MK-012 body

    Hear what the new MJE-K47H capsule head can do for you (and see the graph below for more proof).

    There are six paired sound files below. The left-hand file is a classic mic - either U 67 or Gefell M71, the right-hand file is its MJE-K47H pairing. In all cases, the recordings were made with both mics live, mics positioned vertically in headbasket-to-headbasket orientation, Daking 500 series preamps for both channels. Vocal distance apx 10", guitar distance apx 18". This is Michael Joly writing. Listen and read more to learn if a new MJE-K47H capsule head is right for you. Then place an order or click "contact me" to send your questions.

    Btw - The Gefell UM71 (about $1400 used) is a classic, out-of-production Gefell mic that uses the historic M7 capsule to drive a FET / transformer-coupled circuit. The U 67 (about $8000 used) of course, uses the Neumann K67 capsule (followed by HF de-emphasis) in a tube / transformer-coupled circuit. NOTE: The MJE-K47H is not a U 67 or Gefell M71 clone. Rather, I have chosen these two classic mics as reference standards to showcase the qualities of the MJE-K47H.

    SOUND FILE: Female Vocal, U 67 | SOUND FILE: Female Vocal, MJE-K47H

    SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, U 67 | SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, MJE-K47H

    SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, loud, U 67 | SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, loud, MJE-K47H

    SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, Gefell UM71 | SOUND FILE: Male Vocal, MJE-K47H

    SOUND FILE: Acoustic Gtr, strummed, Gefell UM71 | SOUND FILE: Acoustic Gtr,strummed, MJE-K47H

    SOUND FILE: Acoustic Gtr, finger style, Gefell UM71 | SOUND FILE: Acoustic Gtr, finger style, MJE-K47H

    MJE-K47H Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is this a complete microphone?
    A: The MJE-K47H is a screw-on “capsule head” for the Oktava MK-012 body. The user simply unscrews the Oktava SDC capsule and screws on the MJE-K47H capsule head.

    Q: Does it fit the MXL 603 type mics or BLUE bayonet mics?
    A: No. The MJE-K47H was designed to fit only the MK-012 body.

    Q: What is the frequency response?
    A: The MJE-K47H / MK-012 combination is quite similar to the classic U 67 as shown here.

    Q: How does the MJE-K47H compare to the “LOMO” RTT M1 / M3 capsule head?
    A: There are some significant differences between my MJE-K47H and the LOMO M1 and M3 capsule heads. They are...

    .... the MJE-K47H has a smallish and angled headbasket (like the Gefell UM70/71) but uses an MJE signature move - single-layer basket mesh (like the old AKG C12) and thus has very low internal reflection coloration. The capsule is my own 6 micron diaphragm K47 type (same capsule design as found in the U 47 and M49 mics). The M1 / M3, on the other hand, uses a flat-face, multi-layer basket (more HF reflection coloration) and K67-type capsule (typical +7dB @ 7kHz response when driving the flat-response MK-012 body).

    In addition, my MJE-K47H has a far more secure mounting system. The MK-012 body screws onto the MJE-K47H well inside the conical portion of the K47H. As a result, the electro-mechanical connection between the two parts is very secure. The M1 / M3 and MK-102 capsule heads sit on top of the MK-012 body and are more susceptible to breakage at that capsule head / body joint.

    The K47H is more open and detailed; less colored and peaked; and more physically stable than any capsule head product on the market. And, as the sound files demonstrate, the MJE-K47H is a great value.

    Q: What if I don’t have an MK-012 body?
    A: No problem. I sell NOS (new old stock) Oktava / Michael Joly Engineering, Premium Electronics modified, MK-012 bodies. I will soon offer packages of the MJE-K47H capsule head with these MK-012 bodies. Check my site soon for product pages detailing these packages.

    Q: Do I need to have my MK-012 body modified?
    A: While the MJE-K47H capsule head will work with any MK / MC-012 (same mic btw), the sound of any '012 compatible capsule will be improved by using a Michael Joly Engineering Premium Electronics modified MK-012 body.

    Q: When will the MJE-K47H be available?
    A: The MJE-K47H is in production now. I'm taking orders now. I will start shipping 21 January 2013. After the first "pre-shipment" / reduced price orders are filled, shipment to end users will occur 1-2 business days after an order (at the normal, higher price) is received.

    Q: How long will the special introductory price last?
    A. At least until 21 January 2013. The introductory price is an incentive - a way to say “thanks for ordering now and thanks your patience while waiting to take delivery". Normal pricing will follow once I start shipping from stock on the shelf.

    Q: Are matched pairs available?
    A: Yes, see the other listings soon to appear here at my shop.

    Q: Will the MJE-K47H be available in black?
    A: Yes. But not for 6 months probably and I do not not know at what price, as the black anodized finish incurs extra expense.

    MJE-K47H vs. Neumann U 67 Graph:

    Michael Joly Engineering MJE-K47H (red) vs. Neumann U 67(black)

    NOTE: This averaged-over-time graph compares the "Male Vocal, loud" - sound files listed above.
    It is a relative comparison of the MJE-K47H / MK-012 set to the U 67 with the same voice, from the same take.

    Easy to Order -

    Click "Add to Cart" to purchase a new MJE-K47H capsule head. The K47H ships in a paper-board box with foam insert. The insert has been molded to hold the K47H capsule head and the following (not supplied at this introductory price) components: MK-012 body, 10dB pad, mic stand clip and up to three MK-012 SDC capsules.

    You'll get an immediate confirmation email of your order. Questions? Just click "Contact Me" - best, Michael

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