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-  "Spark" Mod  - (for your mic) Hear it vs a '70's U 87
Very sweet mod. It has the airiness you\'d expect from a Neu ..
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Professional Mod Service for your MXL 990. Not a kit, no risk.
Professional Mod Service for your MXL 990. Not a kit, no risk.
- "Spark" Mod - (for your mic) Hear it vs a '70's U 87 $499.00 $399.00

Mod'd with Full-Sized MJE-K47 Capsule

MJE-K47 modified BLUE Spark with round headbasket

OktavaMod'd "Spark" vs '70's Neumann U 87
Here's some vocal and acoustic guitar tracks from Max Cohen. I hear more open and detailed sound with the mod'd Spark vs. the U 87. What do you hear?

Guitarist / Singer Max Cohen

SOUND FILE: Blue Spark, Vox
SOUND FILE: Neumann U 87, Vox
SOUND FILE: Blue Spark, Larrive Acoustic Guitar
SOUND FILE: Neumann U 87, Larrive Acoustic Guitar

This is Michael Joly writing, the founder of OktavaMod. The "Spark" is a high sensitivity (-28 dB re 1v/Pa, 4 to 6 dB more sensitive than typical LDC mics) and low noise (10dBa) bottle microphone. Two fine specs that mean great S/N.

A bottle mic is not just a good-looking design, its also functional. The separate "lollipop" places the capsule away from source-to-mic body reflections and refractions that cause coloration. The "Spark" does an excellent job in this regard - its chrome convex diffuser below the capsule stem helps direct reflected sound away from the capsule - this mean greater freedom from coloration. But...

...the stock "Spark" uses multi-layer, parallel-face grilles that create standing waves within the headbasket. We hear this as coloration. Plus, the stock mid-sized capsule just doesn't have euphonic "size" we look for in a vocal mic.

Large Diaphragm MJE-K47 Capsule left, mid-sized Spark capsule right

Here's how I address these (and other) issues in the "Spark" and bring it into U 87 (or better) realm –

  • New, full-sized MJE-K47 large diaphragm capsule replaces stock mid-sized capsule for big "Neumann-esque" timbre balance with warm proximity effect and freedom from sibilance, excessive brightness or edginess

  • Round, single layer headbasket provides more openness, transparency and detail than stock, flat, multi-layer headbasket while eliminating parallel-face coloration

  • Evidence Audio LYRIC HG solid core wiring for improved harmonic time alignment and more solid bass response

  • Field-proven, OktavaMod Premium Electronics for smooth detailed sound with great resolution

About the MJE-K47 LDC Capsule - Each MJE-K47 is individually tested in an anechoic chamber to track an actual K47 within +/- 1.5 dB across the audio spectrum up to 12kHz. But the MJE-K47 offers sparkling "air" out to 16kHz through the use of a specially tuned 3 micron diaphragm.

Actual (not averaged) MJE-K47 Capsule Response
Note Classic K47 response to 10kHz but extended HF out to 16kHz
(180 degree response shown below on-axis response)

Just click "Add to Cart" to purchase the OktavaMod MJE-K47 Modification Suite for your "Spark" mic .

Remember, the price for this boutique transformation of your mic includes the installation of my MJE-K47 capsule and the entire suite of upgrades listed above. You'll get an immediate confirmation email of your order. By the close of the next business day you'll receive a personal email with your scheduled modification and return ship dates.

Questions? Just click "Contact Me" - And remember, your purchase is risk-free. best, Michael

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