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Professional Mod Service for your MXL 990. Not a kit, no risk.
Professional Mod Service for your MXL 990. Not a kit, no risk.
- SP B1 Mod - (for your mic) Hear it vs a U 87 $499.00 $399.00

Do you find your B1 too bright or harsh? Learn why- and what to do about it...Questions? Contact me - Michael Joly, Founder - OktavaMod.

But first.... Hear the OktavaMod'd "B1" vs a '70's Neumann U 87
Listen to vocal and acoustic guitar tracks from Max Cohen. What do you hear?

Guitarist / Singer Max Cohen

SOUND FILE: Neumann U87, Vox
SOUND FILE: Studio Projects B1, Vox
SOUND FILE: Studio Projects B1, Larrive Acoustic Guitar
SOUND FILE: Neumann U87, Larrive Acoustic Guitar

Backstory - Sibilance, excessive brightness or harshness in many mics is caused by a K67-type capsule being used without the special circuitry it needs.

The Neumann K67 capsule was designed with a built-in high frequency response peak. The response peak was then de-emphasized in the U 67 and U 87 by special circuits. This design created an acoustic pre-emphasis / electronic de-emphasis system offering headroom extension, sibilance reduction and control over timbre balance.

Michael Joly modified SP B1
With MJE-K47 capsule, single layer headbasket and Premium Electronics

It may be an oversight - or a cost-saving tactic, but many inexpensive mics do not have the HF de-emphasis circuitry required for ideal K67-type capsule sound. The HF-peaked, K67-type capsule was never intended to be heard through the flat frequency response circuit found in the B1.

Want "Neumann-esque" timbre from K67-type capsule mics?

"Neumann-esque" timbre requires either a K67-type capsule followed by a HF attenuation circuit (like the U 67 or U 87), or a K47-type capsule feeding a flat response circuit (like the U 47). The MJE-K47 mod takes the second approach.

This is Michael Joly writing, the founder of OktavaMod. Is your B1 not seeing much action or do you have doubts about its quality? The MJE-K47 Modification Suite could be right for you. Read on or click "contact me" and send me your questions.

Here's how the MJE-K47 Modification Suite will help –

  • New MJE-K47 capsule for classic "47-like" timbre balance with warm proximity effect and freedom from sibilance, excessive brightness or edginess

  • Single layer headbasket for greater openness, transparency and detail

  • Capsule platform diffuser to eliminate vertical standing wave coloration

  • Evidence Audio LYRIC HG solid core wiring for improved harmonic time alignment and more solid bass response

  • Upgraded input coupling capacitor for reduced distortion, better detail and improved frequency response

  • Upgraded, non-electrolytic signal path capacitors for lower distortion, better detail and improved frequency response

Introducing the MJE-K47 Capsule
The right capsule for flat frequency response circuit mics

The MJE-K47 (Michael Joly Editions K47-style) capsule is the result of my painstaking search to find a capsule manufacturer to produce a K47-style capsule that would meet my performance, quality control and price specifications.

Each MJE-K47 capsule is individually tested in an anechoic chamber. Your modified mic will be returned with a signed Certificate of Authenticity from me - plus your individual capsule's actual anechoic chamber response. Which by the way tracks an actual K47 capsule response within +/- 1.5 dB up to 10kHz. Then my specially tuned 3 micron diaphragm extends HF response out to 16kHz. Vintage sound with a touch of modern "air".

Neumann K47 and Michael Joly Editions MJE-K47 capsules
This Neumann K47 was sold after the owner heard an MJE-K47 in his mic

Want to hear classic "Neumann-esque" timbre balance? Then just click "Add to Cart" to purchase the OktavaMod MJE-K47 Modification Suite for your mic SP B1.

Remember, the price for this boutique transformation of your mic includes the installation of my new MJE-K47 capsule and the entire suite of upgrades listed above. You'll get an immediate confirmation email of your order. By the close of the next business day you'll receive a personal email with your scheduled modification and return ship dates.

Why not click "Add to Cart"? Put the correct capsule - the MJE-K47 - ahead of that flat frequency response circuit in your mic.

Questions? Just click "Contact Me" - And remember, your purchase is risk-free. best, Michael

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