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MK-012 Premium Electronics mod - Hear it vs. a KM 84
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New MJE-384 Matched Cardioid SDC Pair
New MJE-384 Matched Cardioid SDC Pair
MK-012 Premium Electronics mod - Hear it vs. a KM 84 $119.00

Indistinguishable from the KM 84? Decide for yourself.

Michael Joly Engineering Modified Oktava MK-012

Acoustic Guitar: KM 84 vs. OktavaMod'd MK-012

In the clip above, Grammy-winning engineer Bill Pearson cuts back and forth between the legendary KM 84 and my mod'd MK-012. There are thirteen edits in this clip. The mics are so similar the clip sounds like one mic.

MJE modified MK-012 vs Neumann KM 84 on Piano

Neumann KM 84 pair, piano
MJE mod'd Oktava MK-012 pair, piano

There's only one way to get the results heard here - an OktavaMod microphone modification from Michael Joly.

The very popular (90,000 in use!) MK-012 is one of the seven wonders of the audio world (hmm...what are the others...U47, C12, 44-BX, MD421, SM7, SM57?). The MK-012 has been heard on countless independent and major label releases. Unlike many pencil mics flooding the market these days (most made in just a few factories in China and plagued with a bright, spitty or "eshy" top end) the Oktava MK-012 capsule is voiced with a robust lower midrange richness and a smooth top that's never sibilant or edgy - the fine "Russian" sound.

Michael Joly Engineering upgrades this studio workhorse with a special Premium Electronics component package to increase resolution, lower noise and reduce distortion while improving transient response.

This is Michael Joly writing. Why not treat yourself to an upgrade of your MK-012 mics? Oh, this mod is for both the black and silver body mics branded either "MK" or "MC" made in Tula, Russia - not the unauthorized copies.

On acoustic guitar for example...

...these mods allow finger and plectrum attacks to be rendered with faster and more accurate transient detail. Strummed rhythm work is presented with better fundamental-to-harmonic time alignment and clarity. Chords sound more harmonious with much less "train wreck" intermodulation distortion. And finally, bass impulse response is tightened while a common problem with acoustic guitars - low end "bloat" - is reduced. Similar resolution improvements can be expected in drum overhead applications (smoother, less "trashy" cymbals) and other instrument recording tasks that call for small diaphragm mics.

Why risk damaging your mics by doing it yourself? The MJE Premium Electronics upgrade for your MK-012 uses the best hard-to-source specialty parts and I warrantee my work. Click "Add to Cart" to purchase the MK-012 Premium Elecrtronics mod for your mic. You'll get an immediate confirmation email of your order. By the close of the next business day you'll receive a personal email with your scheduled modification and return ship dates. Questions? Just click "Contact Me" - best, Michael

Hear the new MJE-384K capsule upgrade for the RODE NT5 vs the Schoeps CMC6 and Neumann KM 184

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